Voluptuous mom in sexy dress orally pleasures best friend son

Your mom couldn’t help but smile at you as you took the picture of her in the dress I had bought her with the money I stole from you to wear to my graduation party. She is coming as my date since none of the young whores in college buddies know her. You were somewhat shocked at how this dress made her look and when you imagined my cock swelling in my pants you knew how everyone thought it made her look.

Your mom:“Son, I don’t care, I promised him that I would be very attentive to him tonight and he could do anything he wanted to me so his friends would think he had the hottest and sexiest date at the party. It’s part of our deal to keep you safe.”

Of course, she knew that I would want to go all the way with her in front of everyone. It’s such an awesome agreement the one we have, isn’t it?